Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE)

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE)


Elite companies in today’s modern era are waiting to recruit Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering graduates. This industry has great demand today with the nature of work involving exclusive designing, development, installation, equipment management, usually applied in monitoring and controlling machinery. SVEC’s Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering department was started in the year 1997 with an intake of 30, followed by an increase to 60 in 2002 and 120 in 2008. The Department is accredited by NBA of AICTE for 3 years in March 2007 and re-accredited for 2 years in October 2013.

The department is equipped with modernized Laboratories with state of art facilities with an exclusive Biomedical Instrumentation lab. The department’s students association AIM (Association of Instrumentation Majors) promotes enhancement of Technical and Soft skills in students, preparing them to readily accustom to employability. The department conducts many events like FDPs, Workshops, Seminars, Add-On Courses, Guest /Expert Lecturers for faculty and students for their knowledge enhancement and updating their technical skills. To promote the reading habit of faculty and students the department has initiated a “Reader Club”. The department has established an Automation Club for the development of student projects and for industrial institute interaction to upgrade the students of various engineering disciplines.


To become a centre of excellence in creative learning and research in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation.


  • Offer comprehensive and rigorous educational program in the domain of Electronics and Instrumentation and to prepare students ready for industry & research.
  • Design, develop and disseminate knowledge and skills in the fields of Control and Instrumentation through contemporary curriculum to match the expectations of real time needs.
  • Establish an ambient and object oriented development ecosystem for a diversity of faculty and student to foster holistic development.
  • Create world class infrastructure for teaching, learning, training and research to achieve highest order of excellence in designing systems and controllers.
  • Inculcate zeal for ethics among faculty, staff and student to develop creativity and innovation with value.


SVEC – 16 Regulations (EIE)


Technical English (14BT1HS01)
Engineering Physics (14BT1BS01)
Engineering Chemistry (14BT1BS02)
Mathematical Methods (14BT1BS04)
Programming in C& Data Structures (14BT1ES01)
Computer-Aided Engineering Drawing (14BT1ES03)
Engineering Mathematics (14BT1BS03)


I B.Tech – Academic Calendar (2016-17)
II B.Tech II Sem (2016-17) Academic Calendar
III B.Tech II Sem (2016-17) Academic Calendar
IV B.Tech II Sem (2016-17) Academic Calendar


I B.Tech.

I B.Tech (EIE) I Semester Time Table (2016-17)

II B.Tech.

II B.Tech (EIE – A & B) II Semester Time Table (2016-17)

III B.Tech

III B.Tech (EIE – A & B) II Semester Time Table (2016-17)

IV B.Tech

IV B.Tech (EIE – A & B) II Semester Time Table (2016-17)



The department is presently headed by Dr. M. Saravanan, the Chairman of BOS, EIE Department, with 15 years of enormous teaching and research experience. The Department has well qualified faculty with good experience in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation to guide the students to create an undeniable career success.


List of Teaching Faculty